About Me

I was born in Manchester but soon moved to Ipswich, Suffolk, I was a member of the RSPB's Young Ornithologists Club and had teachers with a passion for the wildlife. I spent a lot of time enjoying the superb countryside around Suffolk in my younger days.

Married to Carol with 2 children, Sian and Joshua my time was mainly spent working or with the family, now they're older I rekindled my passion for Wildlife photography in line with the digital age. As a registered
Nikon Professional Photographer, I enjoy using their superb equipment. Having been the Wildlife and Ornithology Editor for Archant Press who print papers such as the East Anglian Daily Times (EADT) and Eastern Daily Press (EDP) and the award winning "Ipswich Star" . Regular readers enjoyed my fortnightly column focussing mainly on North Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. I've also over the past decade been volunteering for the RSPB, I guess as a little payback for all the enjoyment I get from wildlife.

My images are used by various organisations, BBC Wildlife magazine, Wildlife Trusts, the RSPB and that fine publication "Suffolk" to name a few, for charities I'm delighted to let the images be used with no royalties

There’s so much wildlife in this region, East Anglia is very diverse from Red Deer herds to woodlands blanketed in bluebells, estuaries and reservoirs filled with 10’s of 1000’s of birds to local parks housing celebrity Tawny Owls and being on the East coast the prospect that an unusual visitor is only around the corner and a good easterly wind, we’ve ancient woodland to modern developments all of which host a wide range of wildlife, Peregrines nesting under the Orwell Bridge and Black Tailed Godwits that travel 1000’s of miles every year from their breeding grounds in Iceland to their winter resort on the River Stour.

I hope you enjoy my images as much as I do capturing them

Me by Wayne Geater

Nikon At the heart of the image, I am Nikon